Art Star Fluffy in Artist in Residence

Art Star Fluffy (originally from Inverness) claims no place as a permanent residence. Preferring instead to live out of his suitcase, Fluffy stays in one place only long enough to complete a project.

WeSee Inc. was thrilled that fluffy intended to make Roadside Attractions his temporary residence for a reworking of a project created for Lisbon's 2007 Biannelle. In May 2009, details were finalized (special thanks to Christo), anticipating his arrival in early June.

Bureaucratic errors cause Fluffy to be delayed at the Niagara Falls, Canada/US border for almost three weeks. He is finally allowed entrance into Canada on June 29th.

Focusing on little else, Fluffy begins his on-going performative work in Roadside Attractions' window space.

With their artist in residence finally settled in, We See Inc. leave for NYC on July 19th.
Shortly after this the unthinkable happened... Upon their return it became immediately apparent that something is seriously wrong. There are two holes in the window and Fluffy is slumped over, unconscious. There is blood. Lots of blood.


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