The Meeky Project
(cube van, canvas banners and steel banner line, string lights, ticket box, video projection, audio track, digital photographs, waxwork figure, mixed media, works on paper)

The Meeky Project is based on the fragmented accounts of an Eastern European Jewish child who, during the mid to late 1950s, became a sideshow sensation know as MEEKY - THE WORLD'S STRANGEST LITTLE BOY. The project explores the capricious nature of history: mementos kept or discarded; the perception of historicity; and the concept of The Outsider. It examines the desire to sensationalize, exploit and abandon as is prevalent in mass media.

The Meeky Project is formatted as a carnival sideshow reflecting the baser aspects of curiosity on a more experiential level than contemporary counterparts (i.e. television Reality Shows). It is a suitable format to portray the life of a lost carnival star.

On October 4, 2008,
The Meeky Project was presented for the first time during Toronto's Nuit Blanche. The documentary short Finding Meeky: A Fragmentary History was an official selection of the 9th Coney Island Film Festival in October, 2009.